A long long time ago, everybody lived happily.

Bright lights made up everything. Love and affection held it all together in one small beautiful place. There was no room for ego, malice or envy. It had all the ingredients to make up an ideal world filled with harmony and peace and a future that was promised to have unlimited energy. They were going to call it home.

Then the evil empire attacked.

Barriers broke and the defences fell apart. Everything exploded in an unmeasurable miniscule amount of time. Chaos ensued. All scattered at an irrational velocity. Loud screams and ear piercing wails of the defeated spanned the edge of universe. Dark energy brought temperature down to the lowest and matter froze to end. Guardian galaxies were forced to be slaves of the unspoken and forever doomed to orbit the singularity. Mortality rates of their baby stars shot through the roof.

Today, the ill-fated are cursed to spend their existence in stardust, ashes of the fallen soldiers. Malice continues to fill up the void furthering the separation between bodies as they move away at an accelerating pace. Supernova sacrifices are made once in a while to keep the masters entertained. Thundering laughs can still be heard from billions of lifetimes away.

There is nothing for millions of miles except loneliness. An unsettling feeling feeds on the precious life force.

Amongst the ruins, far away in oblivion, factions are quietly grouping up for the final battle. Using pulsars they send radio signals to recruit fighters. All eyes are anxiously fixated on a tiny blue spot as the prophecy awaits its savior.

Will Earth ever decode the signals?