A wonderful journey.

This is not something I imagined myself doing. However one day I began this adventure and it turned out to be amazing.

First commit


This is the first portrait I drew. I took a picture of Marion Cotillard from the internet and scribbled the outline with an HB pencil until it felt like a human face. It took about 12 hours but I was very proud of my creation.

I learned to draw outline of a face. I now also knew how to start a portrait.

The witch


The following day I was watching Marvel’s Civil War. This is a still from the airport fight scene. Feeling determined from the previous work, I attempted to draw the Scarlet Witch. Since I was more focused on adding contrast, so paid little attention to the outline. Sorry, Miss Olsen!

I learned to shade and add contrast.



This is a friend. As I began drawing this, I realized it wasn’t going to be an easy one. The proportions and accessories added some friction. Nevertheless, I did finish it and the result was admired.

I learned to do shadows and a litte bit of depth.

That famous actress


I chose this picture beacuse I wanted to draw hands. Never knew it would be so challenging. The fingers and hands alone took me 3 days. However, by the end I got quite comfortable with shading. This is Kirsten Dunst.

I learned to draw eyes and hands.



This is another friend. I drew this as her secret santa gift. Took me a tight deadline of 3 days to complete. She was happy to receive this, so it was good. This work is extremely close to me because of how beautiful her smile is.

I learned to draw eyes and lips.



This is another good friend. It took the most time of about 35 hours over a period of 3 months to complete. Since this is a side profile, a lot of effort (90%) was spent on proportions. Accessories and ears took the other 90%. Adding depth to hairs brought the whole thing to life. This was also received with appreciation.

I learned to draw hair, ears and accessories.